raging moon -
the light shed by this craft
or sullen art

wind change ...
are cicadas pausing
for effect?

darkening days ...
a cicada sings

waxing moon ...
the ocean laps against
her bikini line

lenten path ...
a weather vane
points the way

bread of life ...
light enters through
a wormhole

the final act ...
autumn wind

the silence
releases its sound ...
blazing sun

a spider
ravelling moths ...
night sounds

autumn dream ...
we retrace the path
of our lips

night breeze
inside the sound ...
leaf turn

after the fall
their images remain ...
fruit pickers

the guidance
of back seat drivers ...
Job's comforters

summer coda ...
the persistent rain
of cicadas

autumn dusk ...
trees surrender
their presence

harvest moon ...
it's reflection hidden
by my shadow

twilight rain ...
not even the song
of blackbirds

autumn dusk ...
dreams rustle through
withered reeds

deserted beach ...
the unseen draws nearer
through the fog

off shore breeze ...
my hearing follows
a godwit's cry

the silence
of black swans gliding ...
autumn dusk

final lap -
the baton passes
from the last

harvest moon ...
a web appears
in silence

grey skies
yet still cicadas
sing for death

how much more
to be stripped away?
lenten fast

joyous moths --
the song her light

flight of fancy ...
freedom finds its voice
on paper

summer coda ...
autumn appears
leaf by leaf

as if I too
will not die

fallen night ...
the apparition of moths
weaving dreams