Thirteen Ways of Imagining a Vulture


autumn's end . . .
a vulture turns over
the pieces


urban garden . . .
among skeletal trees
a vulture waits


summer grasses . . .
a vulture circles over
soldier's dreams


stricken ill
a vulture scavenges
extant dreams


dawn parade . . .
a vulture flies itself
at half-mast


moon halo —
the vulture eyes
a ring finger


Irish stew —
finnegan's wake
of vultures


branching out —
vultures in committee
form a quorum


a vulture
sniffs out the state
of Denmark


seventh day . . .
vultures feed on the


pas de deux . . .
a vulture outsmarts
the crow


darkening sky . . .
vultures keep watch over
a vale of tears


empty sky . . .
a vulture returns
to fuck all