December 2017

new year's eve . . .
a caterpillar lingers
over its food

frog haiku torn open to suggestion

conclave smoke
rising from a cardinal's

stone cold light on a feather

past its peak
Taranaki loses
its last snow

karaoke bars
a drunken muse

old gargoyle
her eyes give away
what croaks hide

face to face
desolate beaches
laid bare

ill at ease
my eyes continue to roam
my dreaming mind

percussive sun
must get stoned

the fire
of birdsong
in a day's embers

po marie
I bury my words
in te reo

at the end
of all my wandering
clear cascades

southern star
a procession of monks
through the abbey

solstice dusk
a kitten silences
the cicada

my lineage
weathers into my face
autumn testament

post mortem
the hedonist hits
his dead-end

ta moko
a koru unfurls
though my blood

face to face
with my reflection
on mercy

a mayfly
fasting from the dream
of forever

presidential tweet
all and sundry
pee their pants

feeding off
the sacred mysteries

left alone
the child becomes
a winter sky

a river of life
lies in a bed
of its own making

unfinished with a little

an image fades
beyond belief
into being

lone tree effigy of a former self

in an almost
of the moment
a baby's smile

dead sea scrolls
the accumulation of words
w/o this out

windy shore
my word prints wash away
as I make them

turning into myself
the one when i was
before i was

earthly dream
seasonal progression of


in summer light
in the present tense
on an empty page

ending time . . .
the universe folds back
into itself

the year ends
i step out from
my shadow

my feet crack open
with the pain of the earth

desert lament
no comfort is there — none
for they are no more

wholly innocence

dromedaries sail inland seas