November 2017

All Saints' Day
a kererū and I
in full flight

a speech bubble comes up for air

All Saints Day
into the cerulean blue
we yield our breath

All Saints' Day
a nit-picker picks away
at my seems

All Souls Day
another year's build-up
of absences

in a solar wind
our attraction

dragonfly and i
each glances off
the other

cracking their cheeks
winds whip up hurricanes
through Lear's wits

through the slap-slap
of windscreen wipers
spring rain

passing faith
candle to candle
rite of spring

a mountain spring
flows into
its defloration

spring shower
darkness becomes

in spring rain
a terrible silence
held at bay

new green leaves
a terrible beauty
is born

open window
I direct a bee
back to work

season change
a bumblebee
does its part


by the gods
my life with bees

spring rain
all is forgiven
at one fell swoop

spring rain
all is forgiven
at one fell swoop

spring rain
all so intimate
without words

a reed
in the wind sounding
atonal repenitance

morning mist
the breath of another
seems to appear

my shadow
takes up the space
where i was

amateur hour
while a poet writes
the pine sighs

just like that
your miracle of being
made no more.

heaven scent in flower flow

love all over the world out of steam

all senses
piercing my brain
with day

yet again
a butterfly cheapened
by a "moment"