new year's dawn
light unknown 'til now
honeys night
day moon . . .
one half of it lost
in the blue
climate change—
the silence of the lambs
gnaws at my bones
temple bell—
the stone cold silence
it conceals
new year heat
my words take refuge
in the glib

making do with meeting ends

just the emptiness
left behind
moon-filled night—
clouds of unknowing
burn within
a divined stable
star-crossed gifts
legal eagle
the fine print appears
less blurred

drop by drop cloud-fall of joy

summer light . . .
this path turns away
from the feast
cave weta . . .
the tenuousness
of light

in flight the colour of what was

cloud fade—
the shapeshifting light
of being
autumn sun—
exoticism blooms
from an oak
this moon too
it all comes to
cloud-choked night—
closed eyes recreate
the expanse
early bird
birthing the world
into which 
it sings
cattle trough—
a paddock jumps
into its sound
night deepens—
just the sound of words
to feel this
where I'm not
shapes twist the entrails
of a cumulus
air moves
to my voice—
the heat
the words I write
stepped over
by a fly
I listen for the tone 
in my voice
from the hole
rise the dull thuds
of our goodbyes
moss script—
the stony silence
now hers
profit margin—
you diss my idols
I break your face
day moon cloud—
all that fades without words
fades without words
unseasonal rain—
in tomorrow's news
the death of today