All Saints Day—
tonight my vision becomes
river fog
taniwhas all around
the feeling of me
morning chant
the very earth moves
in a haka
floating world
a fata morgana
cresting dawn
twilight hush
my cosmological vision
awaiting stars
All Souls Day
the combatants tally up
their losses
All Souls Day
silence lingers long after
the loss of words
November sojourn—
impermanence becoming
a medley of clouds
word by word
breath-strokes mirroring
illusions of self

spring afternoon flushed with aloneness

in darkness
another cosmos
spills its guts

a raven itself or my making of it

mirror maze my lineage of names

awake at dawn 
I touchscreen my timeline
into being
charting stars
I learn once more
how to howl

war against my better nature

oiling the wheels of the tide

mother martyr to the fecund dark

friday thirteenth
terror remains captive
in human hearts

left without another cheek to turn 

come, O dogs of war
pave deserts and boulevards 
with our eyes and teeth

retaliate a tale again retold

swan wakes
cross shadows
rere tuatahi
ko aku kupu 
toku ohooho
first flight
my words are
my awakening

long white cloud of self unknowing

midnight tide
the tug 
of the moon
as one
hearts of darkness
beating drums
with this moon
forever is lost
in the moment
ancestral grounds
playing fields of mist
with the dead
musty diary
the you who now 
no one knows
breath forget
slow infolding
word by word
of no return
wind-tossed tern
waiting in the wings
what is to come

light lessens in half-lives

facebook time
each day stretches 
into two

ever a moebius strip tease

iv drip from a klein bottle

bird song
moonlit street
here too
I am
all the elms
leaf through once more
tales of loss