March 2016

'what is truth'?
a journalist kneels
in his desert

a cortege in the wake of her corsage

an embryo
vibrant in the silence
of her eyes
autumn noon
the present warms
to me
Lenten fast
I dwelt on nothing
while light changed
a rebel 
made godless I deify
my self

training wheels for the inso(mno)lence of being

the blueness
of a colourless sky
it was legendary
deep valley
forest trees today
sound of the sea

a cicada filling out its isness

ever-static music
of the spheres
with autumn ripeness
a redness quickens the sky
from its lethargy
turning leaf
the consistency
of departures

earth the consistency of departures

an old oak
turns in its own way
I in mine
by autumn light
the this and that of nows –
it all makes sense
falling cadence –
the silences a cicada
lets slip through
after love
we are the music
we were
in a selfie
me no more
autumn issue . . . 
haiku guardians 
litter pathways
stormy sea –
brooding over Sado
the milky way
reinterpreting a hokku by Basho
maris turbati –
quiescet super Sado
via lactea
reinterpreting a hokku by Basho
dark room 
the image of a leaf
as it fell
nowhere to go
the colour of forgetting
in the light
from which light casts
a mere shadow
for Svetlana Marisova (17 March - on what would have been her 26th birthday)
a shadow seeps
from a stream in the trees 
the silence of God
for Franz Wright (18 March - on the birthday he didn't see)
breaking even
the equinox splits
our differences
holy fire,
burn away the seeming
of dream-rise
so soon
the earth blooms
dead leaves
a song
in the making
of its silence