here comes everyone
globalising images
of autumn
in the towns 
the rusting debris
of empire

on our wedding anniversary

one bed
for 360 moons
you and I
lights out —
shadows on the street
divining stars
words words words —
always the shortfall
from birdsong
loose-leafed light —
dreams of empire
rot below
light alight 
the ash of words
the stillbirth
of light
wafer moon
between his fingers
a wormhole
new moon
at one with
the night
new moon . . .
a glimpse at nothing
right through it
wordsmith stone
rewriting (l)intimitations
of mortality

exacerbating this nowness of words

in the dark silence
of 3 am
a fall! a fall!
haiku momentum lost
in Latin
voices far off . . .
deep in late mountain light 
greenness rises
of morning
the best of what was
in a word
shooting stars
my sights skew
old age —
cave drawings move
on the wall
third-hand smoke
what was never before
becomes the all
a breeze
breathes about
the absolute
putrid silence
ancient eels sip
the surface
Anzac poppy —
the first taste
of colonial blood
mountain light —
mouthing words until
they do not do
the same fingers
flickering still
to the death
of light
a camera
marking the death-knell
of becoming
autumn tide —
which way tugs
clouds eyes gazing
at clouds
curling sunset
the death toll
of leaves
with each year 
I am less