deep dreaming a plum tree blooms

a breath of light
wind ripples
the waters
see the light
in the undergrowth
where we dream
the moon returns
my shadow
sun shower
the otherness
of us
after rain
pavements come clean
on where they led
deep-sea diving
moon-struck lovers enter
each other's shadows
childhood home
I left my otherness
within you
in her fingers
the daisy becomes
her ditty
late snow
for a change the change
is seasonal
haiku at dusk
my calculated foray
into silence
thought fall
into my child
hood's was
a rainbow
all around
long silences
the circadian rhythm
of cicadas
Nagasaki bombing anniversary
fat man,
in your rain of terror
we rust
turning leaves—
that to which I cling
stripped bare
night goddess—
a fantail's fanbase
grows less
when writing haiku 
must I learn to eschew
rhyme too?
a ripple of words
after me
spring haiku—
images more and more
sound wordless
primal scream!
this too, infected 
with words
far beyond 
Hawking's horizon
a silence
moonless night—
the distance that remains
of climate change

somewhere in these words an absence lives on

ice melt—
my descendants snorkel 
down main street
in the mist
te ika a Māui
takes my bait
the wind tonight
becomes a symphony
of native chants
wretched poet
seeding fathomless depths
with shallow words
mass war grave—
a universe bleeds out
of dulled dreams
wisps of valley mist
yield to the sun and are lost
to sky, to emptiness—
tell me again mayfly
just what has been the point?