El Niño—
mother earth brings us
to our knees
spring's early shoots—
brother sun, sister rain
reawaken me
Mulla Nasrudin shifts
a candle
fingering humus
again the innocence
I thought I once had
mate tea—
my first love reborn
and her lips
oatstraw tea—
the taste of reaping
what was sown

winter's end mist moving the light

through the puddles my progress

petal shower—
the words I’ll never write 
sounding distant
planting alone
in this too 
I am spring rain
after frost
the vividness
of being
from the soil
I tug away at
red on white
the cross-cut
I abstain from
wind sailing
a hawk
catches my breath
making hay
while the sun still shines—
Wall Street zombies
the pitter patter
of little feats
digital dewfall—
haiku via hypertext 
transfer protocol
the one casting 
my shadow
winter ends—
a dark alphabet
shreds the moon
august end
a sacrifice of weeds
for the harvest
Anzac Day—
war button-holed now
on lapels

the mea culpa

of dreams

a mayfly
before the beginning
of words
deep space field
dark matter shadow-plays
in my eyes

mindmapping unobservable universes