rising or falling?
the intonation of all
these questions
between her fingers
a war reddens
remaking haiku
in creation's own image
and likeness
in spring rain
the depth of reflection
that passes for me
in spring rain
the distance once so near
now so far
in spring rain
mockery of the drought
still to come
deep-sea moon—
labyrinthine is
the kingdom
spring kigo . . .
and I dotting 'i's
crossing 't's
in spring rain
scarlet runner beans
crack the surface
my spring into
in a process of 
over primal seas
heaven hound
te po
here I breathe
your last
out of season
autumnal haiku
from abroad
climate change— 
a tuatara through
its third eye
amid lushness
an idle idea 
of order
is that it?
an overdone show
of words

days overcast beyond their reach

earth-breaking seed— 
an after-scent
of extinction
5 7 5 . . .
an ocean of sound 
ebbs and flows 
and ebbs once more
just now
and now again
signs of life
fallen night—
Adam peels the apple
of his eye
voice and word
the sparks
silent as a gun
sparrows twitter from the brim
of a scarecrow's hat
with wayward eyes
his won't stiffens
its resolve
a heartbroken suit
fills in the full flush
of its youth
in my imagination
the husk in her voice
haiku wars
staccato moments
litter the floor
in the produce aisle
a young mom applauds
my bare feet
the stillness
after the birth
unravelling star charts