• Darkness


    its coming


    only in

    of it

    the progress
    of light

    the working
    knowing it

    the soft

    a raven fills the mouths
    of the poor
    light douses
    a nocturne
    solstice night —
    what does it profit
    amid the stars?

    drip by drip
    the withdrawal


  • Tui Variations on a Theme

    winter coat
    the tui riffs off
    spring portal
    a tui becomes
    my rusty gate
    a tui
    as if there is
    no tomorrow
    out of breath
    the tui waits out
    the moment
    out of gods
    the tui sounds out
    room for doubt
    before light
    irridescence sinks
    in a tui
    the tui
    lost for words
    bobs his throat
    over and over
    the tui sounds out
    the sense of now
    day moon viewing
    a tui sounds light and dark
    all at once
    the tui communes
    with itself
  • Cold
    cold snap
    what's left of warmth
    in embers 
    oh! the words that do escape
    hang too long in the air
    left over
    from far brighter days
    an apple core
    deeper into winter
    the heat pump hums for me
  • On Richard Gilbert's 61st birthday
    baby boomers rattle their sixties
    chanting 'amandla!'
    baby boomers ski 
    the downhill slope
    sexagenarians shooting blanks
    I become
    its alibi
    no turning back 
    on itself
    Is this the way the world ends?
    Is this the way the world ends?
    Is this the way the world ends?
    Not with a bang but with a boomer.
  • Glaucoma

    a seer at odds
    with vision
    strains the edges
    of itself
    astride dreams
    horizons gather
    to the flame
    under the weather
    my eyes acclimatise
    to their ends
    climate change
    I feel the earth
    for a pulse
    optic pressure—
    vision swells up
    in words
    the range of vision
    and words
    all dark!
    between stars
    my light
  • Hiroshima - 70th Anniversary of the Bombing
    in flames of being
    here and now
    is this light?
    a little boy's weight
    on the wide island
    rain fills
    the space that was
    once yours
    on ones so silent
    the full impact
    of a scientific yes
    silence falls
    like a mushroom
    from the Enola Gay
    rings out loud
    from the sky
    i am
    become death
    atom by atom
    mumbling sky
    the build up of heat
    to come
    a true man
    without the sounds
    of agony
  • Nagasaki - 70th Anniversary of the Bombing
    (dedicated to Kaneko Tohta)
    where east meets west
    treading fire
    a fat man
    implodes in light
    the long cape
    ground zero
    a white wormhole
    opens at mass
    after light
    dark stains of martyrdom
    on stone walls
    seared through
    faces and forms
    at worship
    a fumi-e
    in deafening silence
    stomped under
    kakure kirishitan
    keloid hands break open
    the bread of words
    in light
    the death of martyrs
  • Truth

    the statement in the next line is false
    the statement in the previous line is false
    of evanescence
    dead sea carrion
    stilling stars
    of a foreign will
    the flea bite
    holding on 
    to its becoming
    a chrysalis
  • Garden
    garden god
    in-breathing the smell
    of humus
    awake with words fall from the soil
    membering the dust
    I am
    down with worms
    fingering the cling
    of the earth
    life-seeding the garden
    with little deaths 
    native chant—
    a kumara quickens
    in the void
  • Perseids
    ashtral projection
    of an urn
    ever now
    the underbelly
    of stardust
    Southern Cross—
    my albatross 
    of exile
    in meteoric fall
    of darkness
    in faith
    the cloud cover
    of doubts
    light's burn-up
    in coming
    the background resonance
    of silence
  • Examen - A Lament
    finger shadows—
    silent assassins
    grip my pen
    bomb victim,
    your otherness
    ends now
    on deathrow,
    your otherness
    ends now
    your otherness
    ends now
    black driver,
    your otherness
    ends now
    unplanned babe,
    your otherness
    ends now
    handicapped child,
    your otherness
    ends now
    terminal patient,
    your otherness
    ends now
    foreign pig,
    your otherness
    ends now
    docile lamb,
    your otherness
    ends now
    enemy ours,
    your otherness
    ends now
    tangata whenua,
    your otherness
    ends now
    brother, sister,
    your otherness
    ends now
    future life,
    your otherness
    ends now
    mother earth,
    your otherness
    ends now
    and thou 
    no breath at all? 
    thou'lt come no more 
    never, never, never, 
    never more!
  • In Transit
    I am
    still welling up
    within me
    I am
    I am
    the all left out
    of equations
    I am
    misting up behind
    the I was
    I am
    a conjugal visit
    of being
    I am
    the night sky without
    a word
    up to
    my ears in
    I am
  • Asthma
    my breath at one
    with wind wheeze
    sound break 
    between lightning forks
    in-gasp gone
    the breath
    I left
    in the clay
    dark matter
    clogs the night
    misty shore
    nothing to grasp
    but breath
    the habits of being
    breathe easy
  • An Anniversary Tribute
    (remembering Svetlana Marisova)


    silent bird,
    shadows of your voice
    stir the void
    valley mist—
    all the shapes words make
    of light
    empty now
    the presence that once was
    nothing but you
    twilight sky—
    the withdrawal 
    of your veil
    and still waning
    crescent moon
    wisp by wick
    a candle
    nameless moon—
    spring light flitters
    the shadows
    after life
    slow deep September
    breaks the soil


  • War
    will thy will
    also be droned in heaven
    as it is on earth?
    another piece—
    in matching body parts
    she finds her child
    the love of the many
    in a mass grave
  • Spring
    something moves with darkness fresh green
    planting fruit of the earth human hands
    remember man the dust in we sprang
    in blossom born butterflies
    nothing so near lushness of now
    ground dark the end begin
  • Dawn Chorus
    the end
    of night
    in sound
    in song
    en of words
  • A Thorny Issue
    is this 'rose'
    in all its rose-ness?
    how it pierces
    into my pain?
    how it spills dew
    down darkening red?
    its hint of breath
    in its surrender?
    to know this
    as a rose
    in my blood-beat,
    is it in the means
    to know it?
    or is this the end of knowing
    in itself?
  • Anthropocene Age
    end to end daze drone on
    year end and mine and 
    end of days in a daze
    dead matter matters too
    anoxic event in sight
    losing interest in their usury
    oozorious interest cripples the poor
    weapons oil the flow of greed
    the year fed up on the udder of lies
    recycle plan
    we become the 
    fossil fuel
    we exhaust
  • Enunciations
    Part IMother of Tenderness
    is this 
    the in-
    of your yes-
    Part II
    with the breath 
    of darkness
    the word
    Part III
    dawn herald
    the wordless prepares
    its nest
    Part IV
    in the East
    a still point escapes
    its birth cry
    the long wait of a falling hush
    maid in silence
    her eyes brighten
    with a word
    Part V
    'fiat lux'
    an empty nest blooms
    full of grace
    a yes word encircles the snake's hiss
    luminous dawn
    night's immensity 
    immanent now
    Part VI
    a call
    quiet enough
    to ignore
    a womb entombing silence
    am o
    am as
    am at
    am en
    Part VII
    in pure water
    a word incarnadine
    by lamp light
    the all fleshing out
    its path 
    Part VIII
    the sound of
    a word barely conceived
    utter sense of being
    enunciating a 'yes'
    bone by bone
    Part IX
    at this hour
    when the word is yet
    to be uttered, its breath
    barely a whisper
    when brooding wings 
    overshadow you
    with a stillness, far beyond 
    any possible eavesdropping
    when your waiting 
    rises to it,
    its mystery
    when, for all time,
    all waiting
    comes down
    to this:
    a sublime silence
    putting its roots down
    into the earth of you
    a cloud
    of unknowing, now,
    so irreversibly
    your flesh
    Part X
    spring awakening
    a hyacinth overflows
    night's immensity