NaHaiWriMo – April 2013

April 1 – smooth
washerwoman — 
in death her wrinkles
ironed away
April 2 – empty/emptiness
emptiness —
love drains the cup’s
last drops
April 3 – delta
defining limits
Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
without godwits
April 4 – celestial
Maui takes his cue
from a worm
April 5 – a special place 
first light —
the universe shaping up
within her eyes
April 6 – sport
sickle moon —
a cat plays cat and mouse
with a mouse
April 7 – precipice
lover’s leap —
the princess falls
for a frog
April 8 – red
starlit path . . .
a poinsettia brims
its sacrifice
April 9 – sound
autumn rain . . .
a cypress susurrates
white sound
April 10 – zoo
come make of my arm
your zoo
April 11 – underwater
moonstruck —
the lady of the lake
raises a sword
April 12 – clown
in the spotlight
hiding behind the tears
of a clown
April 13 & 14 – missing & pond
the old pond —
another haiku missing
in action
April 15 – alley
moonless night . . .
shadows lengthen along
a blind alley
April 16 – wildflower/weed
autumn harvest . . .
a breeze ripples a field
of wild oats
April 17 – mushroom
bush debris —
a mushroom clouds
my judgement
April 18 – antique
antique verse —
a tadpole stirs up
the pond scum
April 19 – dark/darkness
night fall — 
shadows bridge the distance
between our eyes
April 20 – music/musical instrument 
lacking voice,
dew-drenched trees burst into
a dawn chorus
April 21 – clothing 
tropical storm —
a lavalava shadow
darkens coral sands
April 22 – wheel/wheels/wheeled.
the old woman spinning yarns
like a fifth wheel
April 23 – time 
moonless night . . .
a sun dial’s shadow
April 24 – visual arts
your life’s chiaroscuro
on a white wall
April 25 – garden
autumn light . . .
fig leaves wreathe through
a girl’s song
April 26 – root/roots 
what holds me?
sound of a pine breeze
in her touch
April 27– totem/icon/symbol
koru —
from a still point,
the dance
April 28 – farm animal
dried off cow
its eyes too look empty —
the flickering screen
April 29 – train 
night train . . .
distance thins out
with its sound
April 30 — mountain 
the words to unveil it:
mountain mist

Good Friday 2013

last supper —
from olive eyes
moonlight seeps 
garden snake —
a kiss by moonlight
betrays me
night trial —
words of blasphemy
twist my lips
crowing cock — 
all that I desire,
I deny 
last judgement —
death is delivered
with clean hands
bloody dawn —
derision tears me open
with words
bitter cup —
the shape of love
crushing dreams
empty cup —
a mushroom props up
a sagging bloom
day moon . . .
a girl’s tears soak up
the mystery
cross purposes . . . 
between heaven and hell
love stretches out
sun strike — 
I turn inwards
to the light
broken circle —
hands that once were joined
joined without
emptiness —
love drains the cup’s
last drops
death chamber —
even the echoes
fade away

Rumi Dawn

Come rise with me to unearth the instant light begins. Come away from this death that is its illusion. What deer panting for a hidden spring fails to find the moon’s reflection? What seer blinded by visions hears the dawn chorus stirring and sees again?  What silent monk seeks the fire’s warmth and becomes that which burns within the sunrise?
An oyster opens its mouth and conceives a pearl. Trees rise from their Lazarus shrouds of mist.  Prometheus and Maui paint the earth with Heraclitean fire once more. I am the wave that is the presence of the ocean. I am become death, the creator and destroyer of separation. In a breath I become what the Christ is.
dying wind — 
a dandelion now
just a stalk

NaHaiWriMo – February 2012

#1 {a is for apple} 
omega …
having bitten it
to the core
#2 {b is for boat}
one godwit
misses the boat …
chilly dawn
#3 {c is for catfish}
catfish love
spent now, stirring
murky light
#4 {d is for dog}
setting sun …
a caged dog returns
to its vomit
#5 {e is for egg}
beneath the wings
of a brooding dove –
the rising sun
#6 {f is for frame}
a poet
frames the moment –
#7 {g is for grief}
can five months
still the echo
of your words?
#8 {h is for hat}
feather in her cap …
shooting star
#9 {i is for ice}
cloudless day …
my single malt
without ice
#10 {j is for jam}
haiku prompt –
poets jamming many words
into less
#11 {k is for kitchen}
summer break –
everything but
the kitchen sink
#12 {l is for laundry}
laundry day …
a fool hanging out
with King Lear
#13 {m is for mountain}
almost as if
it’s Taranaki …
Mount Fuji
#14 {n is for nachos}
when all else
fails to inspire —
#15 {o is for opera}
 cicadas —
summer climaxes
in chorus
#16 {p is for pool}
sudden death …
the moon overflows
shallow pools
#17 {q is for queue}
kissing booth –
an ancient frog
jumps the queue
#18 {r is for rattle}
a cicada
rattles in the web …
autumn dusk
#19 {s is for sandal}
the sandals
I dare not untie …
lenten vigil
#20 (t is for talus}
 rough weather …
he sets his face
like flint
#21 {u is for umbrella}
stepping out
from under ANZUS …
acid rain
#22 {v is for vent}
flatulence …
White Island too
lets off steam
#23 {w is for wig}
new moon …
she reflects light
#24 {x is for …..}
lingering war …
she seals the letter
with x’s
#25 {y is for yellow}
some days
yellow just gets
in the way
#26 {z is for zip}
 fading dreams …
first light unzips
sky from sea
‎#27 {deliberately bad haiku}
I uproot a plant
and now my universe
is all upside down
‎#28 {cyberpseudopoetic haiku rewrite}
dimly amorous
desolate lamps play flatly
fiendishly, clean clear
power outage …
moonlight sculpts with me
her curves
#29 {leap day}
dark night …
she proposes he take
a flying leap