• Anthropocene Age
    end to end daze drone on
    year end and mine and 
    end of days in a daze
    dead matter matters too
    anoxic event in sight
    losing interest in their usury
    oozorious interest cripples the poor
    weapons oil the flow of greed
    the year fed up on the udder of lies
    recycle plan
    we become the 
    fossil fuel
    we exhaust
  • Enunciations
    Part IMother of Tenderness
    is this 
    the in-
    of your yes-
    Part II
    with the breath 
    of darkness
    the word
    Part III
    dawn herald
    the wordless prepares
    its nest
    Part IV
    in the East
    a still point escapes
    its birth cry
    the long wait of a falling hush
    maid in silence
    her eyes brighten
    with a word
    Part V
    'fiat lux'
    an empty nest blooms
    full of grace
    a yes word encircles the snake's hiss
    luminous dawn
    night's immensity 
    immanent now
    Part VI
    a call
    quiet enough
    to ignore
    a womb entombing silence
    am o
    am as
    am at
    am en
    Part VII
    in pure water
    a word incarnadine
    by lamp light
    the all fleshing out
    its path 
    Part VIII
    the sound of
    a word barely conceived
    utter sense of being
    enunciating a 'yes'
    bone by bone
    Part IX
    at this hour
    when the word is yet
    to be uttered, its breath
    barely a whisper
    when brooding wings 
    overshadow you
    with a stillness, far beyond 
    any possible eavesdropping
    when your waiting 
    rises to it,
    its mystery
    when, for all time,
    all waiting
    comes down
    to this:
    a sublime silence
    putting its roots down
    into the earth of you
    a cloud
    of unknowing, now,
    so irreversibly
    your flesh
    Part X
    spring awakening
    a hyacinth overflows
    night's immensity
  • A Way with Roses 

    eyes arise in bead chant dawn
    so long a decadence counting down
    rain drops beading on mystery
    my head  space   stretches    wider     between      each
    in darkness voices trailing off the decades
    now and 
    at the hour 
    of our hour
    our other son dead
    from birth
    nightly tryst
    we explore the spaces
    in each other
    our voices shell-borne doxology of the sea
    in darkness fingering mystery
  • Good Friday 2013
    last supper —
    from olive eyes
    moonlight seeps 
    garden snake —
    a kiss by moonlight
    betrays me
    night trial —
    words of blasphemy
    twist my lips
    crowing cock — 
    all that I desire,
    I deny 
    last judgement —
    death is delivered
    with clean hands
    bloody dawn —
    derision tears me open
    with words
    bitter cup —
    the shape of love
    crushing dreams
    empty cup —
    a mushroom props up
    a sagging bloom
    day moon . . .
    a girl's tears soak up
    the mystery
    cross purposes . . . 
    between heaven and hell
    love stretches out
    sun strike — 
    I turn inwards
    to the light
    broken circle —
    hands that once were joined
    joined without
    emptiness —
    love drains the cup's
    last drops
    death chamber —
    even the echoes
    fade away
  • autumn's end . . .
    a vulture turns over
    the pieces


    urban garden . . .
    among skeletal trees
    a vulture waits


    summer grasses . . .
    a vulture circles over
    soldier's dreams


    stricken ill
    a vulture scavenges
    extant dreams


    dawn parade . . .
    a vulture flies itself
    at half-mast


    moon halo —
    the vulture eyes
    a ring finger


    Irish stew —
    finnegan's wake
    of vultures


    branching out —
    vultures in committee
    form a quorum


    a vulture
    sniffs out the state
    of Denmark


    seventh day . . .
    vultures feed on the


    pas de deux . . .
    a vulture outsmarts
    the crow


    darkening sky . . .
    vultures keep watch over
    a vale of tears


    empty sky . . .
    a vulture returns
    to fuck all


  • a haiku sequence

    while doves cry i coo


    a season word
    cuts 'twixt my coming
    and my going


    human nature stages a high coup


    spell casting
    a hokkus pokkus
    of words


    the verbal hiccups of a beat movement


    close reading a cross-eyed ku

  •  preamble to a eulogy
    to a eulogy
    winter rain
    a loss
    of breath
    when words 
    of breath
    i am
    not i
    my hymn
    of praise
  • An Ancestral Silence
    deep winter
    without the weave of words
    within shelter
    still birds
    offspring of silence
    after words
    the presence
    of ancient hand prints
    deepen their absence
    mere hints
    of mammoths and bears
    left long since
    the words that are the heirs
    of the lives once theirs
  • notes towards an end

    always now
    before it has a name
    morning light

    does it live
    the other I think
    in the word

    vital signs
    the form conforms
    to the word

    eye to eye
    what comes to pass
    with a yes

    no room now
    light without end
    fills the night

    to be
    what is hidden
    and seen


    Otata 13 - January 2017

  • a sequence for my daughter

    jigsaw child
    fitting words
    fall together

    only this
    the flicker of blood
    barely glimpsed

    singled out
    by silence
    our mutable feast

    in the world
    if only of it
    daughter buffalo

    what has no voice
    daughter of mine

  • War and Peace

    the other
    he has a lean 
    and hungry look

    how we come to bury
    the knives

    i think
    therefore it is
    light at last

    a slice each
    of crunchy cucumber
    on her eyes

    alas alack at all
    a declension of nouns

    the wrinkling skin
    of vision

    the lingering taste
    of a death

    the writing
    in the tissue fold long

    A spontaneous sequence with Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

  • Simply Haiku - Summer 2012

  • from Light Verse (a work in progress)

    before light
    when to be
    is just that

    in darkness
    a candle

    let there be . . .
    ta ta ta
    strike the flint

    for now
    a spark
    just that

    Saroyan's candle

    night breeze —
    the sound of light
    on a wick

    the light
    that lies
    in words

    a candle deifynes the darkness

  • Lamentation

    all could be ill
    or well


    Atlas shrugs off
    a fountainhead


    on an orange ass
    "the masters of mankind"
    trumpet their anthem


    behind the ass
    crying "look at me, look at me",
    "destroy destroy destroy"


    pre-emptive strike
    against the earth
    and their other

  • a disintergrative dearth
    her myrrh
    embalms for now
    the murmur
    in healthy balance
    hear the word
    her need
    (indeed only one)
    she pours over 
    the word
    one death ends
    with a word 
    for its tomb
    the word 'poor' always
    and the word to be 
    no more
    among us
    a word dies 
    because it does not die
    on her lips
    of itself
    the skin of words
    sleep in-turning death's portal
  • the poet


    the poet dwells
    at a safe distance
    from words

    the poet
    pussyfoots around
    the utter brink

    the poet paces out
    the sound of space

    the poet
    hot off the press
    goes silent

    the poet goes
    between breaths

    the poet
    pads out
    the silences

    the poet
    lipsynchs his reflection
    in tranquility

    the poet
    skirts the edges
    of relevance

    the poet
    rattles off
    his mortal coil

    the poet at home
    with the loneliness
    of a long-distance runner

    the poet
    scratches the imagined limits
    of his horizons

    the poet
    his nest egg

    the poet
    measures his success
    in tossed panties

    the poet loses
    his daytime job
    to the moon

    the poet quickens
    to the sound
    of his own voice

    the poet
    strikes a pose
    off its pedestal

    the poet
    plays out
    the party line

    the poet weeps
    as sound and sense end
    his abstinence

    the poet
    a moment

    the poet
    loses himself
    in his words

  • The Flying Pope meets Neon Buddha
    the flying pope
    and the neon buddha
    back to back
    in his quiet moments
    the flying pope becomes
    a neon buddha
    a neon buddha
    the flying pope
    only through the flying pope
    neon buddha-hood
    stripped of kigo
    the neon buddha becomes
    a flying pope
    from time to time
    the flying pope circles 
    the neon buddha
    the pope flying
    a neon buddha
    at half mast
    flying in the face of reason
    the pope's neon buddha-hood
    into a grain of sand
    the flying pope projects
    a neon buddha
    the flying pope
    with outstretched arms
    to the neon buddha
  • (for Marlene Mountain with gratitude)

    end to end daze drone on

    year end and mine and

    end of days in a daze

    dead matter matters too

    anoxic event in sight

    losing interest in their usury

    oozorious interest cripples the poor

    weapons oil the flow of greed

    the year fed up on the udder of lies

    recycle plan
    we become the 
    fossil fuel
    we exhaust

  • in light moments

    a spot light takes centre stage

    winter sun light to the touch

    a lighthouse fogbound with distant light

    that said there can only be light

    a play of light in a single act

    the burden of proof it's just light

    in darkness we saw the light was good

    lightness by moth flicker

    a shift into the afterlight

    stillness at the speed of light

    light verse on the last page just a matter of light

  • beyond

    outer space in the blink of an eye

    stars dim through a cataract

    there it was finite as the speed of light

    a theory breaches the Kármán line

    you too can craft a god
    imagined into absence

    oh wonder . . .
    i feel now
    this not me

    a toddler tiptoeing into the void

    a loopworm
    out of leaf
    out of itself

    these words passing their limits

    full-freighted words sink in silence