January 2012

it begins
with a bang, fading
to a whimper ...


dark music
sifting light from
day's debris


humid days ...
honeysuckle scent
fills the gaps


star-filled night
twinkling in the lake
of her eyes


thirteen ways
to see a blackbird ...
flowing river


holding hands
our shadows merge ...
autumn dusk


open ground ...
a coffin echoes
falling earth


a morepork
changes his tune ...
flaxen moon


summer garden ...
an orchid absorbs
the sound of bees


picking at
the food of love -


night of pain
and even now -

soft breezes ...
distant thunder
rumbles by


a mayfly
tastes its shadow ...
final kiss


misty light
of a waning moon ...
water dragon


with dawn slime trails echo dreams


slings and arrows -
a stand-in


distant chant ...
water trickling
over moss

stormy night ...
within the thunder
trees flashing


yielding me
a place by the fire -
chilly night


a maggot
hatches unseen ...
silent bird


autumn winds
sculpt this face too ...
wrinkled crags


wind-whipped fog ...
a dragon eats
its own tail

a single malt ...
peat fire


summer break --
cicadas raining
into rocks


the comfort
of your reflection ...
moon viewing


light riddled
with unspoken answers ...
breaking clouds


hidden path ...
sifting the debris
of the last


hobbling light ...
the scapegoat of love


silence ...
the cicadas


under stars long gone -
homeless monk


new year dawn
drifting in the wind
pristine skies

autumn dreams ...
a social butterfly's
red shoe