March 2012

morning prayer ...
an orchid absorbs
the sound of bees


tree shadows
swollen with plums ...
summer's end

star gazing ...
ancient light staggers
over the hill

beauty pageant -
worshippers inflate
a living doll

the silence
between hidden stars -
your words


lonely street -
tonight she projects
two shadows

famine relief ...
the viewing public
changes channel

lenten fast ...
he sets his sights on
breaking yokes

harvest moon ...
when the rain has spent
dawn returns

bitter fruit -
never knowing how pears
tasted to you

morning light ...
the heavens no longer
so vast

lenten path ...
we separate the cross
from the crucified

rising sun ...
dew drops tremble
into mist

chilly stars ...
I savour the emptiness
of what is not yet

starless night ...
I find my way
on my own

reading Keat's
ode on melancholy ...
we burst a grape

hints of war
another division
in the ranks


murky pond ...
a child searches
for the moon

icy sea ...
a poet carves icebergs
into haiku

Dear John --
he squints between
the lines

the big bang
a word

she peels
away seven veils
one at a time

the ache
of her beauty -
ah, that ankle!

icy wind ...
the hidden agenda
of autumn

her 'nothing' 


lune rousse ...
a mortician conceals
the face of death

familiar strain ...
the echoes from his past
jerk the strings

as if luck
is ever enough ...

sunday morning ...
water parts dreamily
for the blood

raging moon -
the light shed by this craft
or sullen art

wind change ...
are cicadas pausing
for effect?

darkening days ...
a cicada sings

waxing moon ...
the ocean laps against
her bikini line

lenten path ...
a weather vane
points the way

bread of life ...
light enters through
a wormhole

the final act ...
autumn wind

the silence
releases its sound ...
blazing sun


a spider
ravelling moths ...
night sounds

autumn dream ...
we retrace the path
of our lips

night breeze
inside the sound ...
leaf turn

after the fall
their images remain ...
fruit pickers

the guidance
of back seat drivers ...
Job's comforters

summer coda ...
the persistent rain
of cicadas

autumn dusk ...
trees surrender
their presence

harvest moon ...
it's reflection hidden
by my shadow

twilight rain ...
not even the song
of blackbirds

autumn dusk ...
dreams rustle through
withered reeds

deserted beach ...
the unseen draws nearer
through the fog

off shore breeze ...
my hearing follows
a godwit's cry

the silence
of black swans gliding ...
autumn dusk

final lap -
the baton passes
from the last

harvest moon ...
a web appears
in silence

grey skies
yet still cicadas
sing for death

how much more
to be stripped away?
lenten fast

joyous moths --
the song her light

flight of fancy ...
freedom finds its voice
on paper

summer coda ...
autumn appears
leaf by leaf

as if I too
will not die

fallen night ...
the apparition of moths
weaving dreams

morepork chant ...
I kiss the shadow
that bears my name

autumn dusk ...
light meanders

forking path ...
his pound of flesh
tips the scales

at the heart
of autumn darkness ...
slouching dreams

off balance ...
still the rose grieves
its petals

sultry night ...
this delirium
of the flesh

bread of life ...
primal light enters through
a wormhole

another birthday ...
we listen to your haiku
in my voice tonight

autumn dusk ...
an acorn parts
from its cup

more chips
off the old block -
autumn hail

autumn illness ...
between text messages
passing clouds

last roses ...
my blood at home
in the blooms

a blackbird's song
sinking deeper and deeper ...
autumn dusk

pitch dark
a raven presses
home its point

the fraudulence
of a night such as this ...
utter darkness

a new moon
I cannot see

forming in the mist ...
words cast adrift

the daisies
she chains together ...
moonless sky

mountain stream ...
day's undercurrents
pulse in dreams

life lessons ...
the distance between
dawn and dusk

the lay of the land ...
blood test

in a leaf
the end of time
lingers ...

on haiku ...

a blush
of blossoms ...
first love

autumn mist ...
the apparition
of ebbing dreams

scribbled words -
all that remains
of spring