April 2012

by moonlight,
lovers' fingers mesh
into dreams . . .


april fools ...
a merchant bottles
river fog

april rain ...
trees splatter blood
with each nail

an old man
crunching oak leaves ...
lonely path

godwit prints
mark where they were
and this ache ...

bubbling spring ...
joy bursts between
old photos

paschal moon ...
dark matter ravishes
the light

paschal moon ...
light struggles through
the abyss

paschal moon ...
darkness engulfs
the garden

paschal moon ...
crosses litter
the highway

paschal moon ...
sunrise lingers
in its tomb

easter vigil ...
Jesus waits entombed
in teeming malls

shorter days ...
crosses litter paths
with shadows

after dusk ...
shadows crucify
the light

morning glory ...
shopping malls open
their doors

unquenched love ...
rising floods too
drain away

out of season -
black swans

autumn fog ...
brush strokes level
a mountain

second childhood -
a pendulum clock
now marks time

cats in love -
the familiar ache
from this touch

after summer --
even embers spend
their passion

day of reckoning
the penitent renders
his due

with nightfall
even embers spend
their passion

waiting room -
shadows lengthen
the queue

silent spring ...
the song in my heart
has sprouted wings

distant spring ...
rain trickles over
autumn leaves

one by one
leaves fall away ...
autumn wind

paschal moon ...
the light within
death valley

rough-hewn wood
yields now to nails ...
tree of life

second day ...
what stones weigh down
those wings?

morning star ...
dewdrops moisten
worm cast mounds

fallen leaves
going the distance ...
field of dreams

leaves on edge ...
menacing winds
on the move

Fukushima ...
an efflorescence

mirror mist ...
the name of God
runs in beads


river fog -
the murmur of
foetal dreams

dimming light ...
black swans dissolve
before me

gnawing at
the dream of myself -
spring reflection

creaking joints -
again he brings down
the house

mist reveals
each valley's fold...
secret flux

flea-bitten child -
an apparition of
cherry blossoms

pale fire
snatching blossoms
from the sun

foetal moon ...
the heartbeat flickering
in these candles

dewfall ...
bread rises
from words

words spiral
into ink smudges -
falling leaves

pain carves
a pretense of words ...
chiselled moon