January 2013

expanding night . . .
the sound of a morepork
between stars

pre-dawn chill . . .
backwash from night's flotilla
of dreams


at year's end . . .
already the marbling
of her skin


night winds . . .
the ones that blew
in childhood

dry winds . . .
a premonition
of green

summer shadows —
a Noh play unfolds
around me


summer stream —
does the mayfly in mating
know why?


summer stream —
a mayfly breeding


fossil forest —
incoming waves obscure
another past


a blue rinse
of withering clouds . . .
wind from the west


ancient garden . . .
a slug retraces the glow
of its path

before dawn . . .
a pilgrim among mangroves
sighing mist


new year leap . . .
the sound of water
near and far

these traces of dreams . . .
high winds shaping cloud layers
of indifference

summer rose —
the fire of its bloom
within its scent


morning fog —
the brushstrokes of a dream
painting day


a tv somewhere
numbing the sound of nothing —
moonless night


rainforest . . .
traces of a butterfly
incensing shadows

in water's sound —

one half
after the other . . .
full moon

the moon . . .
the moon it becomes
in her eyes

her ankles . . .
the path into the mist
so endless!


first light . .
darkness trickles away
with the dewfall

nether dreams —
a noke worm beating
about the bush


desolate beach —
silence gnaws away
at the edges


summer heat . . .
fractal equations
melt away


dawn vigil . . .
light in silence
becomes light


night maneuvers —
arching over old boulders,
a river of dreams

heat wave . . .
a pond shuffles off
its sheen


hot spot . . .
the touch of a leaf
on my boil

plumb line —
the poet aims each word
for the heart


less than
one hundred gourds . . .
space to dream

now and then . . .
chimney smoke curling
through branches

storm front . . .
feverish fingers
letting loose


in water's sound —


thick mist ...
within it a wanderer
chasing phantoms


wind duet —
a flute undermines
the bassoon


after the feast
the quality of odour
is unrestrained

ginko walk —
an urban poet
musing through sewers


the hack poet
trumpeting his songs
behind him


first love —
the elegance
of her farts


fart alerts
measuring out passages
of meaning

fart wars —
goose-stepping explosions
between their legs


lightning storm!
the time between fart
and fragrance


the motherlode —
a dung beetle


meteor storm . . .
a ruminant ponders
its fate


fart alerts
measuring out passages
of time


perfect love
the elegance
of her farts

ill winds . . .
stale farts rehearsing
day's decay


eulogy lengthening sighs through the cypress


flea flowering blooms in babysoft white


trickling stream —
the mosaic its flow
makes of me