March 2013

Come rise with me to unearth the instant light begins. Come away from this death that is its illusion. What deer panting for a hidden spring fails to find the moon's reflection? What seer blinded by visions hears the dawn chorus stirring and sees again?  What silent monk seeks the fire's warmth and becomes that which burns within the sunrise?
An oyster opens its mouth and conceives a pearl. Trees rise from their Lazarus shrouds of mist.  Prometheus and Maui paint the earth with Heraclitean fire once more. I am the wave that is the presence of the ocean. I am become death, the creator and destroyer of separation. In a breath I become what the Christ is.
dying wind — 
a dandelion now
just a stalk
last supper —
from olive eyes
moonlight seeps 
garden snake —
a kiss by moonlight
betrays me
night trial —
words of blasphemy
twist my lips
crowing cock — 
all that I desire,
I deny 
last judgement —
death is delivered
with clean hands
bloody dawn —
derision tears me open
with words
bitter cup —
the shape of love
crushing dreams
empty cup —
a mushroom props up
a sagging bloom
day moon . . .
a girl's tears soak up
the mystery
cross purposes . . . 
between heaven and hell
love stretches out
sun strike — 
I turn inwards
to the light
broken circle —
hands that once were joined
joined without
emptiness —
love drains the cup's
last drops
death chamber —
even the echoes
fade away

moonstruck —
a river wanders off
in the dark


autumn rain
the colour splashing out
of her steps


rehab farm —
unspent shells weather
into ploughshares

Johnny Baranski - August 2014 (War and Peace)


silent tomb . . .
the husk of glory
rots within


cold comfort —
a usurer warms himself
with moth balls


priestly prayer . . .
a pedophile grooms
his millstone


it is finished!
the charge of sap that drives
my birth to bloom


dark night —
the seed of love
now spent


dark night —
the word lacking flesh
enters silence


before dawn
the awakening of words
from their silence


milky way —
an eddy spirals
into itself

milky way —
my helter skelter
of dreams


milky way —
moths ascend the vortex
of candle-light


song of summer —
a tone poem glides
through the words

of darkening summer . . .
shadows fold in


milky way —
what brushstrokes to paint
the void, the stars?


lenten rest . . .
an earth dweller reflects
on the moon

night bird
is your cry the sound
of suicide?

sultry night . . .
words of kindness thicken
into syrup


with them all
I hang on every word
not spoken

morning dew . . .
my reflection hangs
on each drip

autumn night . . .
the darkness itself drowns
in a radio

skimming dreams
dawn breaks over
my eyelids


this hand of mine,
what other shapes waste away
in autumn mist?


autumn moon —
a morepork finds itself
in shadows

autumn dusk . . .
shadows stretch across
the chess board


music strains beyond
its sound


hanging moon . . .
thuds from mourner's shovels
echo the loss

dangling leaf . . .
a threnody rises
from the earth


night fall . . .
leaf prints echo still
the dance


the milky way . . .
nothing more than
a vague fragrance


stars, hide your fires
let not light see my dark
and deep desires


possum freeze . . .
night seals its shadow
to the road


paper trail . . .
a night's emptiness
peters out

through the night
death's chess pieces storm
my refuge


haiku's birth—
a child fitting words
to bird song


autumn dawn —
why this struggle to rise
from sleep's embrace?


morning breeze . . .
a candle flame
flickers still

learning curve —
a repeat offender
finds his path


fish weigh-in . . .
the sea's iridescence
tips the scales


idly, a sparrow
deposits its daily stool
on my bread


how profound!
a river flowers
through the night

winter moon—
loneliness blossoms
a river


autumn moon
outgoing seas strip bare
my shadow


darkly through
a looking glass . . .
godly fire


last supper —
from olive eyes
moonlight seeps


the duck
behind the duck


autumn layoffs —
a skeleton staff
tests the locks


with and without
the waxing moon —


stealing sleep
from an empty tomb —
morning dew


ancient pond . . .
shafts of moonlight angling
through the depths


haiku feast —
the sound of one pen


curtain call
a fledgling teeters
in the wings


third hour . . .
death crackles
in shock


well water
washes my feet —
rising mist


dew fall . . .
my thoughts cling still
to what I knew


late snow!
in this delirium
who dances?


lengthening shadows —
through the paschal mysteries
an earthbound seedwing

on tiptoes
the music of the spheres
in her giggle

hermit crab
a child on the rocks
hugs herself


fallen house
a mayfly drifts by
on its ripple


milky way
a snail shell spirals
within me


autumn rain
the colour splashing
from her steps


autumn rain
the last of my childhood drips
from a magnolia


a tuatara
stares into the other side
of nothing


incoming tide
the meaning of these words
parts from them


ah, so soon!
yesterday falling
about me

greying days —
am I flowing along with
the river's flow?