April 2017

ewection win
evewyday now
is Apwil Fools

my child's eyes
bursting at the seams 
with silence

fleeting light
this rosetta stone
of contact

metro train
all heads bowed before
separate screens

night prayer
a whisper of moths
without light

sleeper bus
my anima held
in suspense

the tip of an iceberg

white noise . . .
my timeline converges
in ever-now

unfurl within me
fern-scrolls of prophecy
chanting light

fetid with life
beauty festers with
retracted claws

such vision
almost the moon
in absence

first light skating a razor edge

dying echo
my spirit slipstreams 
his wake

half a moon
night came and went:
the fourth day

blear-blind . . .
rain-dropping sun
smears the text

bones in me
for presence

deepening night . . .
my I wretch-wrestling with
(my God!) my God

year after year
deeper yet

dying day . . .
libraries of words
shed their flesh

"tree" . . .
the one two inches
behind your eyes

a death knell
gonging in outer lives
going on

autumn tones
kākāriki alight

death wail
for a moment silence
holds its note