April 2013

washerwoman — 
in death her wrinkles
ironed away
emptiness —
love drains the cup's
last drops
defining limits
Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
without godwits
Maui takes his cue
from a worm
first light —
the universe shaping up
within her eyes
sickle moon —
a cat plays cat and mouse
with a mouse
lover's leap —
the princess falls
for a frog
starlit path . . .
a poinsettia brims
its sacrifice
autumn rain . . .
a cypress susurrates
white sound
come make of my arm
your zoo
moonstruck —
the lady of the lake
raises a sword
in the spotlight
hiding behind the tears
of a clown
the old pond —
another haiku missing
in action
moonless night . . .
shadows lengthen along
a blind alley
autumn harvest . . .
a breeze ripples a field
of wild oats
bush debris —
a mushroom clouds
my judgement
antique verse —
a tadpole stirs up
the pond scum
night fall — 
shadows bridge the distance
between our eyes
lacking voice,
dew-drenched trees burst into
a dawn chorus
tropical storm —
a lavalava shadow
darkens coral sands
the old woman spinning yarns
like a fifth wheel
moonless night . . .
a sun dial's shadow
your life's chiaroscuro
on a white wall
autumn light . . .
fig leaves wreathe through
a girl's song
what holds me?
sound of a pine breeze
in her touch
koru —
from a still point,
the dance
dried off cow
its eyes too look empty —
the flickering screen
night train . . .
distance thins out
with its sound
the words to unveil it:
mountain mist

absent moon —
darkness grows heavy
on my pen


transit lounge
between nocturnal spasm
and the dark night


pregnant pause . . .
the redness of a tomato
about to burst


clear night:
dark brushstrokes enter
the inner eye


street mural —
my shadow stretches
the truth


spring fever —
the lightness of footsteps
from the mist


third hour —
a leaf falls deeper into
its gasp of stillness


a nun lingers
on the first mystery —
all day long

the silence!
darkness encircles
each breath

rain forest —
the sound of night gasping
within thighs


autumn wind . . .
rain drops spiral through


drifting deeper
into the scent of autumn . . .
that life, and this


night fall . . .
shadows lengthen
our eye contact


lengthening days a Möbius strip twists into