August 2013

winter rain—
an ant bears the weight
of the world

misty rain —
a glimpse of mountains
fill the garden


fluttering web —
by Hiruharama's light
my will bleeds dry


rising sun —
an earthquake rumbles
here or there


desolate wind —
by a sanctuary light
silence wails


night sky —
the Southern Cross cuts
through my heart


look now!
forever now
this light


such darkness . . .
a kumara swells within
night's belly

a river wanders off
in a dream


seen through,
an honesty ripens
in darkness


wordless . . .
a hatchling flutters
in the dark


unmarked grave —
forest shadows rise
against the mound


crescent moon —
silence drifts out of
my empty page


expanding night . . .
the sound of a morepork
between stars


'fiat lux'—
after seven days,
this vast chasm


earth tremor . . .
the basso profundo
of ancient gods

night vigil . . .
this stillness pregnant
with her presence


a cosmic storm
twirls through her fingers . . .
butterfly sounds


darkened church —
a votive candle lingers
in the mist


setting sun —
light rages against
its dying


morning dew
even now perishing
but the birdsong . . .


wayward wind —
the whole world glistens
within a web


broadcasting a storm
a widening web spans trees
of indifference


clearing sky —
my GPS intones
its elegy


'property is theft' —
the grey warbler raises
a shining cuckoo


trembling pen —
river fog redefines
my limits


what pathos!
how a dewdrop becomes
a metaphor


spring elegy —
a morepork prophesying
through the night

darkening scrolls —
winter tide


rite of spring —
the path lost
in a delirium of light

cross tide . . .
godwits imprint
their return


Anzac Day . . .
an ashen grey sky


spring awakening . . .
a child breathes deeply
the winds of war


acrid wind . . .
the scent of night,
a weapon


winter retreat —
love-lies-bleeding droops
into darkness


la petite mort . . .
the coldness of the sea


blood red sea . . .
a day's coagulation
of beached words


winter's end —
a neverending story
quickens the past