October 2017

i 'n' i
in a conjunction
of mysteries

spring madness —
i plant odd haiku
in your mouth

rising sun
anguish's slow descent
into platitudes

sleep in-turning death's portal

the full moon
exposing reveries
to live by

for now
wherever i am
i'm there too

down her cheek
a tear has no colour
of its own

this dark night
is like a simile
for nothing else

spring return
i try to live up to
my obituary


all could be ill
or well


Atlas shrugs off
a fountainhead


on an orange ass
"the masters of mankind"
trumpet their anthem


behind the ass
crying "look at me, look at me",
"destroy destroy destroy"


pre-emptive strike
against the earth
and their other

making perfect sense freesias

static page
crafting the -ings and outs
of change

bent over reed
reliving the memories
i never had

emptier even more night shadow

optical allusion
in the wink
of an eye

no spring chicken in blossom

god forsaken
in a gadda da vida
garden tears

spring forecast
i reverse engineer
my ancestry

dead silence
can the sea know
it consoles me?

moon glimpses —
death seems not so far
out of reach

morning mist
words lost where the mind
can’t be found

dead-born child
all time and space
is a morepork

a wind chime
the stacatto

noonday demon
a purr pads across
my chest

sourceless wind
fire licks open
a pine cone

in night visions
a beginning and an end

all over the stain of words

my shadow sinks
under the weight
of my presence

thinking on nothing
my eyes also do not see
that which is unseen

restless dreams
the pasodoble
of neutron stars

valley spring
i listen for the folds
of the hills

dawn beach-scape
chill slashes of light
draw me in

"it isn't what it is"
a child sounding out

tragic flaw —
a yawning gap between
swan and goat songs

darkness loved
with the otherness
of dreams

spring deluge
all paths from here
all the same

The Flying Pope meets Neon Buddha
the flying pope
and the neon buddha
back to back
in his quiet moments
the flying pope becomes
a neon buddha
a neon buddha
the flying pope
only through the flying pope
neon buddha-hood
stripped of kigo
the neon buddha becomes
a flying pope
from time to time
the flying pope circles 
the neon buddha
the pope flying
a neon buddha
at half mast
flying in the face of reason
the pope's neon buddha-hood
into a grain of sand
the flying pope projects
a neon buddha
the flying pope
with outstretched arms
to the neon buddha
burning bridges 
with a flare of words
in fits of ineffability

nightfall −
an absence of stars
closes in

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 1.1

scent of rain . . .
an oak leaf rustles
out of time

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 1.1

moon glimpses— 
death seems not so far 
out of reach 

dust blows around me 
an ancient sea bed 

the mogul
is hitting
rock bottom

traceries of a mosque 
in the parhelion

Hansha Teki / Clayton Beach

golden midges
circle in and out
of existence

around the moon
a halo widens

mackerel skin
patterns in the wet sand
become strato cirrus

the familiar becomes
the imprint of dreams

Clayton Beach / Hansha Teki

autumn sunset
before the siren
the flash of lights

deeper into night
a bedside vigil

leg twitches
the ragged snores
of an old hound

a breath of wind escapes
the sanctuary of light

Clayton Beach / Hansha Teki