December 2018




















de profundis
silver-tongued lead
lights up the page


miming memes
my mind follows the path
of least resistance


the glory of being not as it seems


in between flashes
the presence of trees
no longer there


the days before
when being you
could be no more


first breath
ever so slightly
of this world

in sleep
a ring around a
new moon

stillborn beyond all expectations


a toddler's
"qu’est-ce que c’est?"
morning mist


happy hour—
whisky tasting
on the TARDIS


inner circle—
sweet william lies love-lorn
at the border


all creation
is groaning in labour . . .
the long wait


meseems a sweven
comes usward


open mouth
in flew Enza
right on cue


Mysterium Coniunctionis . . .
first joyful mystery
the annunciation


executive privilege—
worth the expense
at half the price


cave paintings
the provenance of
the hunting


kigo and kire—
my summer haiku bleeds
its heredity