OT: Were we here yesterday?
BA: [Pressing finger to forehead.] It seems so.
OT: Be is the beginning of seems.
BA: So it seems. [Pause.] But how is that so?
OT: In the beginning?
BA: The heavens and the earth.
OT: God is being; the other splits at the seams.
BA: I remember.
OT: [Excited] As if this is yesterday!
BA: Have you said your yes today?
OT: [Mournfully] Noterday.
BA: You seem always negative.
OT: Even when I am being positive?
BA: What is being?
OT: Here? Now?
BA: Yes.
OT: Being created the heavens and the earth.
BA: None of this is real then.
OT: Or now.
BA: Not since yesterday.
OT: So nothing exists?
BA: Only in seeming so.
OT: Created ex nihilo?
BA: It is only you or I who say so.
OT: What of the others?
BA: Just ourselves.
OT: And our non-self in common.
BA: I wonder what tomorrow will bring.
OT: More or less this I suppose.
[They sit down and look up at the absence of day.]


out of the
our shadows