July 2019

darkening sky
American exceptionalism
casts its pall

event horizon wherever i'm not

morning dew . . .
this world reborn
without tombs

my shadow
darkens a spring noon's
play of light

forest floor
signs of frost appear
for the seeking

heat shimmer
the garden of eden's

the distance
between snowfalls
between breaths

dead low water
birth smell, death smell
from beach wrack

two by two
returning geese honk

blooming there
unlike any other
mountain rose

grass sprouts
where seed was sown
chicken and egg

the short night—
Buson's challenge over
all too soon

raining onto children
at play
a napalm sky

wind scent—
I am bound upon
the unknown

in a river
while they can

lover's blood
the mosquito smudge
on her palms

noonday heat—
only a butterfly
brings relief

before it appears
. . . and death

not seeking
any approval
day lilies

dark sky

the world
our oyster

I gulp
small holes

and an awful

in the silence

words no longer 

without the deep cold

looks like a withering wind

first ice
if Frost is right
then fire

old calendar—
what lies beyond

somber newscast
wintering chrysanthemums
in bedding mulch

wolf hour drizzle
black swans float between
sleep and non-sleep