August 2019

wolf hour

drizzle-drench day

black swans
drift between

cuts in keener

and non-sleep

than a sword

Otaki Beach

mythic chant

the cosmic silence

stillness roaming about

roaring within words

lonely places

deep night vigil

sounds within

a flightless bird

the sounds without

rises within

something slips

before dawn

stillborn day


a cockroach scuttles

to a drone attack

from the glare

where hitherto


words of consecration

my carbon footprint

cannot go

leaves none


to be

not to be

of swan-glide

a tomorrow

slashed in water

that never ends

the art of haiku boils down to this


a toothless old man

from the fog

sucking marrow

while light dies

from the skeleton
of words

Silent Live Stream
As I stroll along the banks of the Waikanae River, it becomes clear to me that the making of a poem is also the process of translating a pre-verbal phenomenon into an idiom that changes one's perception both of the phenomenon and of the language used to evoke it. Patterning words into poems has become for me an act of language-making that strains towards the unique utterance of what has hitherto been outside the apparent purview of language.
a mosquito
what is not yet 
leaps the length
pierces my heart
of our caresses
with its absence

silent music
my mothering-me

on the temple bell
a butterfly dreaming
Schrodinger's cat

find the red two hidden in green

french horns
green the ambience . . .
forest light

myself breathing beyond stars

darkness warms to my skin

the cloud I named does not last

the poem that passed in me

my breath lingers
around me

hazy moon
it moves us now
about our shadow

in shadows
unwhisper thy name
refugee child

ephemera flycasting shadows

sharper than silk
with John McManus

resting in the shade
of a rock pool
crab skeletons
daylight reflections caught
by a pincer movement
just beyond
the scorpion’s claws
a new moon
between starry streams
a dark somewhere
shears covered with cobwebs
in the gloom of dad’s shed
sharper than silk
the strands of belonging
to our origins