January 2020

in the lead-up to lent the ego sets upon the narrow road leading to its crucifixion

southern seas

hidden wounds

El Niño beneath

the dark night's

the celestial stream

stigmata of stars


altar ego

blank page

a word for bread

what species of tree

broken apart

died for this? 


pause within
a pause

figures in light 

does the gull
crying above

showing forth the obverse

ensure the sea's

in being observed



a voice

lighter than waves

to lay all doubts

the word
to bear

to rest


night terror

all alone


silence beats harder

almost born

lacking fulfillment


a cat's eye

through the dark night

afflicted with

the unseen looms


eye to eye


poetry reading

word shadows

the sounds of
a hand-to-mouth

adding weight to
the gravity


of their situation


beginning again

eyes never meeting

wind dialogue
with rain

all the time

with rock



an ear

at day’s end

poised to sip

the horizon
on the brink

incoming silence

of being


new year


a glance
tossed backwards

knowing and unknowing

with 2020 vision

the same root


what is this breath?

a fantail

a breach between

teases out
the mortality

then and now?

moulded into me


the first of four

a pillar of flame

kindling the earth

in hot pursuit

for ignition

of the present


mānuka bush

a monarch's shadow

a psalmody of bees

pivots on

pollinating silence

the angelus bell