April 2021

dawn maiden
a karakia bursts forth
from the earth


Tane’s children
mesh their waking songs
into breaking light

dawn chorus
an ancient silence recalls
the human absence

Clay fashioned into a semblance of a self. At first a form ready to be washed away as thinning earth colour back into the mire or to be baked into a figurative moment of permanence separated from its origins. 

Is such a making independent of will or is it the fruit of a profound silence knowing only itself?


warping mirror

between the shapeless 
and the shaped

an old man
no longer astonished

a yawning gulf 

that the reflection
is him

The waking hour strips the world of an irretrievable gift. A gift so deeply intimate that it is only conceivable in the stumbling beginnings of aspirated words which may remain no more than glimpsed reflections. It bears the traces of the weightlessness of shadows from the timeless instant of the bringing forth of light by word alone.

anywhen breeze
the moon swans about
its reflections