June 2021

autumn wind —
a butterfly grows
more detached


the long night—
my darkest before dawn

the long night—
my prayer life
follows the river


the long night—
clouds the window


the long night—
an absence abandoned
to the tomb

the long night—
a whale song echolocates
its meaning

the long night—
a snail's neck


not so dead
a blooming satellite
crests the horizon


an image of self
the milky way


Auden's unseen God

once or twice
He was heard


unable to rise
the river sounds
a waterfall


unsighted behind the whites of my eyes

beneath a stone

a crab scuttling


a future inconceivable from the back seat


when my soul speaks

the whisper of a breeze
after its passing


wedding rings

within one another
the other


bïnärÿ stärs

the umlaut of
a forked tongue


if a mirror as if recursive then into a mirror image

under the weather

a smiling mountain
cries me a river