November 2014

all saints day
light's cathedral
of clouds
communion host
for a moment I shed
night ravishes
the disconnection
between stars
east to west
haiku blown along
the scenic route
over dew
the rising sun
of the future
after dusk
a noonday demon's
'twick or tweet'
all saints day
a cathedral of light
on its knees
stellar crux 
scared no longer
sacred scars
All Soul's Day
a star's understudy
in the wings
this light
from Aldebaran
at my birth
at last
with twilit birds
the stillness
city rain—
a downtrodden moon
errant breeze
child and laureate 
chase the same words
against the ropes
a city loses
its flavour
turbulent mist—
all that is to become
lost in becoming
denatured love . . .
avarice ages into
its majority
on the altar
intoning incense
holy fire
on Gallipoli
the cannon fodder
of empire
be this
merciful as I am
democratic might
fighting for the right to kill
without compunction
spring storm . . .
my roots, how deep 
do they go?
spring deluge
terror takes on
my son's name
what bird is that
singing of light
yet to be?
cosmic tide—
between coming 
and going
chaos theory . . .
a verb edges between 
subject and object
Nanking bet—
a hundred heads roll
their eyes
the melodrama
of sea and sky
behold him!
a desolate beach
being born
touchstone moon
enlightenment pales
under it
on her stillness
the disfigurement
of a fly's shadow
On Basho's death day -
cold drizzle . . .
dreams splutter upon
the master's lips
On William Blake's death day -
heaven and hell . . .
forgotten gods mouth off
from the human breast
On Richard Wright's death day -
spring wind
bringing back something
beyond recall
bread and wine . . .
a reluctant earth 
offers thanks
mantra rhythm
rattling peas 
in a pod
autumn deepens . . .
all the candlelight
aflame within
such stillness!
sun-shifting shadows
move the pine