August 2014

seen through the end
of seems
go wordless!
rain swallows up
winter rain —
the space I am
still mine
a dark night —
the sound of space
without vowels
wintry sea
from beyond the stars 
a dark tide
step by step 
my shadow anchors me
to the earth
it is all
so black and white —
where the void?
evening walk —
my particle horizon
presses the void
after sleep
the jigsaw pieces
fit again
winter's end
light pulls back
to the surface
I breathe
my emptiness
into winter
frozen there 
in the grave's slot
my waste of words
winter moon
out in the desolation
a wind picks up
winter rain —
familiar spirits
haunt my words
mangrove roots —
the ins and outs
of despair
a blur . . .
how tell the wings
from the bird?
eyeless in Gaza 
all gone, all ever loved
at one fell swoop
barren sky —
did I ever
night sea
a notebook of debris
floats away
shell shocked coast —
we decipher wormtraces
by failing light
the before
and soon after
of this
with thin skin
aftermath . . .
a raindrop adds weight
to the blossom
before light
the all in all
of dewfall
a poetry
of inner darkness
miming stars
night call . . .
the voice that names
its self
with the owl 
words set darkness 
mirror lake . . .
an insomniac moons 
the moon
earth altar . . .
dawn lights incense
to idols
breath-strapped pages
stuttering a placebo 
of words
in the orchard
budding with green force
branch dew
a cosmos bloom
hawking by darkness

democreatures vox populating general erections

frostlight . . .
a spider web full of 
dark matter
shepherd's purse
I shake myself free
of the roots 
snail trail by moonlight
tracing the calligraphy
of present pleasure
feather clouds
lifting the stillness
of granite
its filled
the emptiness
feast or famine
another grim death hugs 
the edges
Gaza strip
a child hums descant
to the drone
chance cloud
a rain dancer hedges
his bets
flash flood —
streams of consciousness
hook up
wind change . . .
a recruit hoists the flag
bright-eyed child
another cease-fire
hazes over
in the heat
ice-water hyphenates
into steam
sails heave
into sight as dawn 
breaks a sigh
lacking colour,
I hew out her likeness
from wooden words
so long ago,
it seems, when wind hustled
last year's leaves
sultry night
the heated silence hints
at a darker love
pristine light
an apple hisses
with beauty
winter blues
my critic harps on 
season words
birth cry!
the water folds over
after the frog
candle light
a shadow hops around
my beer
dead of night
a distant train hoots
its passing
riot control
a cold snap hinders
spring's effusion
sound of rain
as if humouring
godless sky —
the hollow man's lament
louder and louder
this winter
an unhitched neighbour
hikes alone
moon gazing —
the light on her face
hijacks my eyes
in blind faith
the seer hires another
set of eyes
centering prayer . . .
darkness highlights the troughs
between waves
vernal equinox —
a girl halves her apple
with a stranger
smouldering gun —
her daisy heaps burning coal 
into his heart
tidal flats —
an unborn babe hiccups
its presence
Promethean night —
what gods are these still
that lie in wait?
late winter sun —
earth air fire water