June 2015

light in breath-stop
mist a-stir
each puffball
of expiration
word for word
a diver gasping for straws . . .
the chill air
light as it was
before it was
winter bleakness — 
a hunter-gatherer
prowls the aisles
mudflat detritus
scenting dreams
morning glory
limit of sky
the Heimlich manoeuvre
to death
after night
the vacuity
of blue sky
sealed by blood
the torn hymnal folds
of sunset
silence awaits
its words

deep-sea molluscs astride iceberg dreams

half moon light —
darkness still at odds
with itself
half moon blues —
parsing yin and yang
on a pond
burred song
a fricative trill
on the wing
a night wind
bloated with endless space
gnaws on each word
at the edge
of its stillness
a mantis
before it's
pinned to its name
a butterfly
moonless night
my childhood takes on
sepia tones
so boundless
the sound of my words
without me