January 2011

the wording
of her epitaph ...
spring tendrils


spring tide ...
one godwit still
in flight


in the rites of death ...
autumn dreams


waning light -
the sea too flickers
with fire


southern cross ...
ancient dreams seep
through the gaps


making use
of the long drop ...
falling leaves

Simply Haiku - Autumn/Winter 2011
Haiku by New Zealand Poets, Past and Present - Selected by Sandra Simpson

a pukeko
sounds out the depth
of night


a bee
leaving itself


green fields -
the children of Tane
lie beneath


cicadas ...
ancient ripples echo
among stones


starry night -
my shadow hides
the earth

hui tanguru...
a distant rumble now
the big bang


night sky ...
its fullness empties
over me


shrinking universe ...
hermit crabs assemble
in vacancy chains


winter garden ...
the scent of a woman
awakens me


kihikihi wawa ...
an acorn parts
from its cup


summer shade ...
a cloud of birds
takes flight


rising and falling ...


first light
for many a haiku ...
sticky note


summer thirst
rain clouds settle
on my beer


billowing colour ...
the swish of her dress
at dawn


within this stillness
summer clouds


wedding cups ...
within each one
the other


sixty-one summers ...
the stain of blackberries
his offering


summer's end ...
juice of an elephant heart
drips from her lips


cricket season -
pale apparitions
in the sun


grind away the silence ...
ripples on the pond


tidal debris --
the ebb and flow
of words


bowing down
an agapanthus bloom ...
summer fullness


ancient tree ...
within the shadows
an apple rots


rock pool ...
the old man waits
on his own


Waitangi Day ...
kauris grow past oaks
in silence


summer heat -
active directory
on a break


summer garden ...
my nose wrinkles
in the pond


your ascent into song
all one imagines


hui tanguru
surf laps my midriff
beyond my return


boiling mud ...
even rocks may be


blemished moon
shining on the wrinkles
of the sea


the high price
of a cicada's silence -
summer sale


overkill -
possum introductions
to a virgin land


cicada chorus -
summer overflows
with sounds of praise


bikini girls ...
so many butterflies
pressed into skin


summer romance
going up in flames -
paper roses


Ruaumoko -
an unborn child kicks
against shadows


serval, otter,
buffalo and emu -
summer rain


autumn shelter -
a morepork's call leads me
into the night


twilight -
a stream cascades
from view


autumn dawn ...
asian paper wasps swarm
over haiku


through the looking glass -
march hare


autumn horizon
hine-nui-te-po waits
gathering clouds


ripening winds ...
the bloom of summer
scatters to earth


from my reflection -
lenten fast


autumn shadows -
within my footprints
a robin's meal


fantasia ...
distant strains now
an apocalypse


summer coda ...
a single cicada


breaking dawn -
the newspaper
lies unread


bare rooftop -
a blackbird proclaims
its secret


dusky sound -
all that remains
of the day


bleak winter -
yet light breaks through
from darkness


pilgrim friend
fading into mist -
then her song


her passing -
shadow into light,
then out


the burden
of winter sun ...
snow drops


within my hand -
your presence


thawing snow ...
the urge to be useful
drop by drop


river fog
sculpting dreamscapes
from clay


the spring
now in his step ...
her smile


godwit in flight ...
winter dreams linger
in her wings


over puddles ...
sound of rain


while she turns
to view the moon ...
lapping waves


spring moonrise ...
tonight the rooftops
are mountains


without words ...
lighting one more candle
against the night


autumn sea ...
leaving my boat


past Eve and Adam's ...
even words fail


her frame of reference ...
misty vigil


this chill
I cannot name ...
draining light


even ducks
interpenetrating ...
last snow


the back roads
vanishing from view ...
winter stars