May 2011

it has roots
but who would know?
lotus bloom

haiku stream ...
the endless flow
of blossoms


ancient frog ...
a haiku splashes
among ahas

darkness shrouds
over bare branches ...
autumn crow


late homework -
he cuts and pastes
web searches


snap election -
a politician harvests


dark dark night ...
he enters the alchemy
of dreams


on her ear
her lover lost
in sunrise


night of stars . . .
a child tiptoes
in the shallows


full moon ...
she flashes me
her smile


a power plant
seeding manipura rain ...
radiant spring


hint of autumn ...
hedgehogs roll out
of wonderland


the making of
a beggar's banquet ...
open hands


the autumn sun
somewhere behind the smoke
of her cremation


common ground -
the dreams of the forgotten
take a break


the scatter
of autumn leaves ...
giggling child


cold morning ...
a late rose blooms
a shadow

deepening night -
the silence between

autumn dusk ...
long forgotten bottles
bob in the tide

morning mist -
the nameless that haunts
my mirror


rising sun ...
my eyes straining
tea leaves


first date ...
she wants to swim
in my eyes


the long night ...
a monk breaks open
his silence


sepia moon ...
cuttlefish ripple
through dreams


enso sun -
the negative space of
a full eclipse

river fog ...
my hands trace out
what has gone


purple rain ...
casting words adrift
into God


to forget, I gasp at
a rainbow

hidden depths ...
a dragonfly skims
what I cannot

a moth sails
the widening gyre ...
candle flame


moonlit night ...
the shimmer of goose bumps
on her thighs


from a crumpled sea
this aftertaste


howling winds
gnash at tossing dreams ...
sea debris


shooting season ...
a refuge of ducks
lower their sights


autumn sky ...
cloud masses

after the dew,
sunrise ravishes
her bed


youthful blush ...
Oh! Celia, Celia,
Celia shits!


autumn love ...
moonlight silences
the rumpled bed

dawn maiden ...
the long day's journey
into night