November 2011

the centennial oak
gives its last shade
to the woodcutter


blanched almonds ...
the looking glasses
of her eyes

through the cracks
tendrils of things not said ...
winter tomb


burgeon through the cracks . . .
winter tomb

of star-crossed lovers ...
the epitaphs


nesting birds, yet
the words 'at peace'
so final


the willow
sieving sunlight
and stillness


pretend shot put ...
the weight of the world
opens his head


water-logged worms
rise to feasting birds ...
spring downpour


catching dreams
from the sound of night ...
unspoken words


Christus Rex ...
in our beginning
and our end


winter bride
stripped bare of all
but song


passing cloud ...
a moment's grace
just like that


just shadows
now on calvary ...
rugby posts


willow leaves
sieving rivers ...
dream debris


going the distance ...
a child circumnavigates
his horizons

a tree too
bends over backwards
before its time


final call . . .
he staggers into
the wind

dawn stillness ...
the spent passion
of night winds