December 2011

softly treading
a shag pile carpet ...
dream lover


laurel wreath ...
a poet dusts
away words


wasted breath -
exhaling words
all at once


birds of prey
feathering their nests ...
advent greed


bearing up
under the beams
of love

morning praise ...
out of the mouths
of babes


New Zealanders face a 5.7% chance of developing skin cancer. Although our climate encourages outdoor activities, in summer UV intensities are high due to the overly-thinned ozone layer, clean air, and because the earth is closer to the sun.

The most dramatic ozone losses occur in Antarctica, where spring ozone columns can be less than 90 DU. This ‘ozone hole’ lies well to the south of New Zealand and does not pose a direct health risk. However, when it breaks up, filaments of ozone-poor air can sometimes pass overhead.

Elijah once needed to escape the burning sun, just as he needed to escape the burning anger of Jezebel and find shelter under a small tree. The Holy Land is a land of little shade. People there prized shade and identified it with the presence of God.


in the shade
of a peppertree
I am who I am


moon viewing ...
the cool air sipped
between clouds


in spite of
the weather forecast ...
morning rain


the human heart ...
advent light


Mount Taranaki ...
summer heat


for disaster ...
her eyes


blank pages ...
the poet turns over
a new leaf


evening the odds of dying alone


ancient light
rendering a statue


early birds
summoning colour ...
wordless chant


bridal haiku ...
the poet strips away
excess words

up my spine ...
her eyes


praying mantis ...
a priest seeks mercy
on his knees


lonely moth,
I too seek shelter
from the night


a mosquito -
just one


has the sun
come to a standstill too?
lingering heat


white Christmas?
the pohutukawa
bleeds colour


taking flesh ...
the words of mystery
we caress


days stretch into
the fullness of summer
but still ...

oily light
skids off the ngaio ...
sultry afternoon


lightning ...
the flash of thunder
before it sounds


all this rain
as if something will change ...
the year ends


swaying trees -
the sound of music
within us


the light fandango -
new year shift


another year

in the middle ...
shadow dance

still the sparkle
in a father's eyes ...
whispered haiku


and yet
through her fingers
time without end

imagine that ...
the unfolding night
between stars


ahh moonlight!
this is the gift
she loved

ebbing tide ...
dusk brims over
my shadow


stillness ...
the tug of daylight


life lessons
the gap between
two headstones


dying light ...
come share my Ardbeg
wayward midge


first rays . . .
sunlight awakens
the valley
how can the hills contain
all that lies beyond?