January 2016

New Year's dawn
the familiarity
of this light

a cool start
vastness takes on
the comfort of blue

first page
the plum tree
picked clean

New Year
morning glances off
the freshness now
of what will not be
at year's end
carbon footprint
I feed my inner 
new diary
my carbon footprint
in ink blots
it begins
coolness tramped down
far underfoot
new year heat
valley hills soften into
a misty blue
who knew?
all the old out 
with the news
fumbling for words
i smarten up
with txts
tsk tsk!
forget the elephant 
that never
gr8 2 c u
without doubt
new moon
a child screams
"I can't feel my brain"
moonless sky
from her hair
a chill exodus
of lice
light casts
a new perspective
on loss
light repatterns
my neural pathways
through a stream
in darkness
the slow tolling
of my blood

leaf whispers through the family tree

one last
bird song
spring disappears
with the memories I had
of who I was then

slow across a calendar days unnumbered

birth silence 
a bag of bones cradled
in my arms

this rose alacks incentive

dark moon-rise
a swell of emptiness
in bated chests 
polar melt—
a white crossed landscape 
to die for
with this haiku
all the blank spaces
fit together
down fall
I ever knew
way up north
tyranny becomes
the new clear

foghorns declare the all unclear

drip-fed haiku vi a iv tubed nature

more equal
than each other
summer clouds
summer expanse
nothing to define it
but my words
death toll
a bellbird avoids
its refrain
bowed by heat
I kneel before 
a cicada shell
twilight sky
a word narrows down
my mind's expanse
in its fullness
the moon drowns
in my son
swift bloom
on a summer breeze
the diva shits
humid breeze
rumours of snow drift
from afar
thirty degrees
bees hexangulate
summer heat
humid haze
air coagulates
in the light
in this nothing too
godheads lie hidden
by nightfall
our ever-present
unbidden nature –
is the earth moving
for you too?

on tenterhooks the bated now

Victory Day—
one child asks another
'over what?'
first reading
where words lie before
their utterance
acid rain
I drop a tab
of coolness
climate change 
not always 
as good as 
a rest
waking dream
my skin prowls my body
in self-awareness