July 2016

sanctuary light
my shadow settles back
into itself
noumenal night . . .
a new moon obsesses
all over me
grave matter –
echoes of Prague
thunder by
Bastille Day –
a storm front blasts in
from Antarctica
changeling child
true blood of my blood
full of night
all at sea
a wind-tossed path
laid bare
gathering storm
we birds keep singing
until we wake
the silence
before and after
this silence
each breath
left justified
in the air
the air still to be
breathed into
filtered light –
yes! I can hardly bear
this world's beauty
clouds there
moon-gouged into
the night
watch vague images
weave the act of creation
from a formless fog . . .
she died
eels slipping through 
a grasp
of words 
in this 'now'
tourists tailgating
wind's cortege
you are here 
where light 
into word-
in being 
these words 
with your voice
are my flesh
in so few
words dance beyond 
the horizon
mimicking the master
the monkey 
in his mind
moonlit chill –
rock-pocked reflection
of spent passion
unbroken grey
every nook and cranny
lost to me
on window fog
I trace the physiognomy
of darkness
dusk-light still
everything in flow
and ever-go
manuka bush
air rattles scent-rich
in night's becoming
dead low water
and then my genome
pulls me back
in luca
the dying light
of an acronym
winter rain –
as flies to wanton boys
a monarch's fall
look at me!
feel me put my words
in your mouth
awake before dawn
a distant gull verifies
that I'm still here