the wording
of her epitaph ...
spring tendrils

spring tide ...
one godwit still
in flight


in the rites of death ...
autumn dreams


waning light -
the sea too flickers
with fire


southern cross ...
ancient dreams seep
through the gaps


making use
of the long drop ...
falling leaves

Simply Haiku - Autumn/Winter 2011
Haiku by New Zealand Poets, Past and Present - Selected by Sandra Simpson 

a pukeko
sounds out the depth
of night

a bee
leaving itself

green fields -
the children of Tane
lie beneath

cicadas ...
ancient ripples echo
among stones

starry night -
my shadow hides
the earth

hui tanguru...
a distant rumble now
the big bang

night sky ...
its fullness empties
over me

shrinking universe ...
hermit crabs assemble
in vacancy chains

winter garden ...
the scent of a woman
awakens me

kihikihi wawa ...
an acorn parts
from its cup

summer shade ...
a cloud of birds
takes flight

rising and falling ...

first light
for many a haiku ...
sticky note

summer thirst
rain clouds settle
on my beer