billowing colour ...
the swish of her dress
at dawn


within this stillness
summer clouds


wedding cups ...
within each one
the other


sixty-one summers ...
the stain of blackberries
his offering


summer's end ...
juice of an elephant heart
drips from her lips


cricket season -
pale apparitions
in the sun


grind away the silence ...
ripples on the pond


tidal debris --
the ebb and flow
of words


bowing down
an agapanthus bloom ...
summer fullness


ancient tree ...
within the shadows
an apple rots


rock pool ...
the old man waits
on his own


Waitangi Day ...
kauris grow past oaks
in silence


summer heat -
active directory
on a break


summer garden ...
my nose wrinkles
in the pond


your ascent into song
all one imagines


hui tanguru
surf laps my midriff
beyond my return


boiling mud ...
even rocks may be


blemished moon
shining on the wrinkles
of the sea


the high price
of a cicada's silence -
summer sale


overkill -
possum introductions
to a virgin land