cicada chorus -
summer overflows
with sounds of praise


bikini girls ...
so many butterflies
pressed into skin


summer romance
going up in flames -
paper roses


Ruaumoko -
an unborn child kicks
against shadows


serval, otter,
buffalo and emu -
summer rain


autumn shelter -
a morepork's call leads me
into the night


twilight -
a stream cascades
from view


autumn dawn ...
asian paper wasps swarm
over haiku


through the looking glass -
march hare


autumn horizon
hine-nui-te-po waits
gathering clouds


ripening winds ...
the bloom of summer
scatters to earth


from my reflection -
lenten fast


autumn shadows -
within my footprints
a robin's meal


fantasia ...
distant strains now
an apocalypse


summer coda ...
a single cicada


breaking dawn -
the newspaper
lies unread


bare rooftop -
a blackbird proclaims
its secret


dusky sound -
all that remains
of the day


bleak winter -
yet light breaks through
from darkness


pilgrim friend
fading into mist -
then her song