her passing -
shadow into light,
then out


the burden
of winter sun ...
snow drops


within my hand -
your presence


thawing snow ...
the urge to be useful
drop by drop


river fog
sculpting dreamscapes
from clay


the spring
now in his step ...
her smile


godwit in flight ...
winter dreams linger
in her wings


over puddles ...
sound of rain


while she turns
to view the moon ...
lapping waves


spring moonrise ...
tonight the rooftops
are mountains


without words ...
lighting one more candle
against the night


autumn sea ...
leaving my boat


past Eve and Adam's ...
even words fail


her frame of reference ...
misty vigil


this chill
I cannot name ...
draining light


even ducks
interpenetrating ...
last snow


the back roads
vanishing from view ...
winter stars