it has roots
but who would know?
lotus bloom

haiku stream ...
the endless flow
of blossoms


ancient frog ...
a haiku splashes
among ahas

darkness shrouds
over bare branches ...
autumn crow


late homework -
he cuts and pastes
web searches


snap election -
a politician harvests


dark dark night ...
he enters the alchemy
of dreams


on her ear
her lover lost
in sunrise


night of stars . . .
a child tiptoes
in the shallows


full moon ...
she flashes me
her smile


a power plant
seeding manipura rain ...
radiant spring


hint of autumn ...
hedgehogs roll out
of wonderland


the making of
a beggar's banquet ...
open hands


the autumn sun
somewhere behind the smoke
of her cremation


common ground -
the dreams of the forgotten
take a break


the scatter
of autumn leaves ...
giggling child


cold morning ...
a late rose blooms
a shadow

deepening night -
the silence between

autumn dusk ...
long forgotten bottles
bob in the tide

morning mist -
the nameless that haunts
my mirror