ash clouds ...
penitents turn
back home

the faces
wincing in pain ...
also mine

parting clouds ...
a godwit vanishes
from view

the remains
of a godwit's flight ...
vapour trail

a morepork's cry
attached to nothing ...
starless night

rocks ooze
the lingering heat -
cicada chant

a fantail flits
through dusk's antiphons -
shrove tuesday

through the open door
of a tui's counterpoint
sound changes colour

open door
a tui's counterpoint
changes colour

her leitmotif
navigates the mists ...
hidden stream

silent night -
white stones reflect
the unnamed

the earth too
changes direction ...
lenten ash

lenten ash ...
already leaves
start to turn

lenten path ...
if the sun rises
it just rises

rolling in -
the homeric laughter
of clouds

night winds
shift the silence ...
crescent moon