morning prayer ...
an orchid absorbs
the sound of bees


tree shadows
swollen with plums ...
summer's end

star gazing ...
ancient light staggers
over the hill

beauty pageant -
worshippers inflate
a living doll

the silence
between hidden stars -
your words

lonely street -
tonight she projects
two shadows

famine relief ...
the viewing public
changes channel

lenten fast ...
he sets his sights on
breaking yokes

harvest moon ...
when the rain has spent
dawn returns

bitter fruit -
never knowing how pears
tasted to you

morning light ...
the heavens no longer
so vast

lenten path ...
we separate the cross
from the crucified

rising sun ...
dew drops tremble
into mist

chilly stars ...
I savour the emptiness
of what is not yet

starless night ...
I find my way
on my own

reading Keat's
ode on melancholy ...
we burst a grape

hints of war -
another division
in the ranks

murky pond ...
a child searches
for the moon

icy sea ...
a poet carves icebergs
into haiku