Dear John --
he squints between
the lines

the big bang
a word

she peels
away seven veils
one at a time

the ache
of her beauty -
ah, that ankle!

icy wind ...
the hidden agenda
of autumn

her 'nothing' ...

lune rousse ...
a mortician conceals
the face of death

familiar strain ...
the echoes from his past
jerk the strings

as if luck
is ever enough ...

sunday morning ...
water parts dreamily
for the blood

raging moon -
the light shed by this craft
or sullen art

wind change ...
are cicadas pausing
for effect?

darkening days ...
a cicada sings

waxing moon ...
the ocean laps against
her bikini line

lenten path ...
a weather vane
points the way

bread of life ...
light enters through
a wormhole

the final act ...
autumn wind

the silence
releases its sound ...
blazing sun

a spider
ravelling moths ...
night sounds

autumn dream ...
we retrace the path
of our lips