morepork chant ...
I kiss the shadow
that bears my name

autumn dusk ...
light meanders

forking path ...
his pound of flesh
tips the scales

at the heart
of autumn darkness ...
slouching dreams

off balance ...
still the rose grieves
its petals

sultry night ...
this delirium
of the flesh

bread of life ...
primal light enters through
a wormhole

another birthday ...
we listen to your haiku
in my voice tonight

autumn dusk ...
an acorn parts
from its cup

more chips
off the old block -
autumn hail

autumn illness ...
between text messages
passing clouds

last roses ...
my blood at home
in the blooms

a blackbird's song
sinking deeper and deeper ...
autumn dusk

pitch dark
a raven presses
home its point

the fraudulence
of a night such as this ...
utter darkness

a new moon
I cannot see

forming in the mist ...
words cast adrift

the daisies
she chains together ...
moonless sky

mountain stream ...
day's undercurrents
pulse in dreams

life lessons ...
the distance between
dawn and dusk