sand garden . . .
a chatter of leaves
come to rest


star gazing . . .
my eyes piece together
shards of darkness


drought relief . . .
a fair weather friend
takes a dump


a bull whip
snaps about darting fish —
night without end

is a mirror turned
to my face

broken bowl —
gone too the emptiness
it once held

mountain wind . . .
what hunger is this
howling for bread?


mountain dawn . . .
the ineffable burns
in a hebe


mountain cloud
yielding space to dance
between dreams


windswept sea —
failing light submerges
beyond all this


dawn chorus . . .
footprints wander in
from a dream


shallow stream . . .
sunlight trickles over
a white stone


ah, into one shade
many-hued chrysanthemums
fade, wither, and die

summer wind . . .
cloud shadows dappling
parched fields


dead sea scrolls . . .
the repetition of words
going nowhere


urban blooms . . .
a rapper chews his words
al dente


shaky start!
the chicken and egg


navel gazing . . .
the Neon Buddha cracks
a cheesy grin

hokkus pokkus . . .
all credibility


under milkweed
a butterfly begins
at the beginning