just out of reach
the delirium of
the ordinary


misty rain —
a branch dripfeeds
my ears


autumn coda . . .
a reverie of paw prints
across her briefs

lengthening shadows . . .
an undertaker moves
under a plantain


the wet dreams
that fall from wind-torn leaves —
a young night


greyscale dawn . . .
the yesterday forgotten
again today


blowing itself over the sea,
there's no place for winter wind
to go back


prism break . . .
red white and blue leaks
through the cracks

funeral vigil . . .
eternity yawns between
each 'Hail Mary'


a parson bird sings
in both the present
and the past . . .


in silence
in the gap between breaths
. . . a fantail


across the valley
drift ancestral voices;
with each rise and fall
of her still sleeping breast
moonlight enters my breath


how absurd!
a pukeko alone
voices it


winter rain!
is this the rhythm
of a death poem?


all day rain . . .
darkness now soaks me
to the skin

livid sky . . .
a river narrows


bitter wind . . .
the suburban totems
leafless at last


stormy night . . .
rain sounds flay me
bit by bit

on the living
and on the newly dead —
wintry rain


polar storm . . .
a taste of darkness
without end


the wind darkens
within my listening —
longest night


icy veins . . .
the wind parts a way
to the deep north


winter storm —
the sound of one colour
blowing still


late spring . . .
a bull snuffs out
the flowers


breathless dawn —
a mosaic of leaves
lighten up

dawn breaks out
in tongues of fire . . .
frosted earth


after dusk
in a muskrat's wake
primal slime


swaying reed —
the flutemaker reads
a closed book

the sound of grapes
being crushed

all at sea
a lone pigeon maps
the way home


wintry night —
streetlights overlap
shapes of me